Thursday, July 22, 2010

In Our Bundles This Week: Schott, Belstaff, Hein Gericke and Brooks Jackets

Whether you're a fan of cafe racers, classic motorcycle jackets or waxed jackets, we've got it all. The leather jacket's association with motorcycle culture and Americana as a whole is perhaps stronger than any other peice of clothing. With the changing needs of consumers, riding gear moved away from the longer car coat style and towards the shorter cropped styles seen in flight jackets. We regularly handle jackets from the 50s-80s in a countless number of styles.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

1938 Champion Running Man Princeton Crew T-shirt

I heard about this from our friends at Hermosa Vintage. It's a phenomenally rare t-shirt (I've never physically touched pre-50s Champion) with provenence that dates it to it's original owner. The seller got almost $800 for the shirt, which isn't a record by any means, but it is an appropriate figure given the rarity and provenance of the item.

The write up by Hermosa does it better justice than I can, so click here to read all about it.