Saturday, November 14, 2009

In Our Vintage Bundles This Week: Late 40s Silk Scarf Made in Occupied Japan

This scarf is a beauty. It's hand painted, hand rolled and made in Occupied Japan (Japan was occupied by UN troops in 1945-1952). It even has the label to prove it! It'll be headed in our bundles to NYC this month so keep an eye out for it in your local vintage shop.

Other great items that didn't make this week's short list:
-A 1940s Jantzen sweater.
-A 1940s-50s Montgomery Ward 101 Denim Western Shirt
-Levi's Big E 505 Jeans
-Deadstock 1970s Dickies
-WWII "Ike" Military Jacket

As always, here's the label to help you identify one for yourself:

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