Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Secrets of Successful Vintage Resellers Pt1: Wholesale Sourcing

Ever wonder where your local vintage shop, or online vintage superstore seems to find rare pieces every week?

Sure, it's possible that they've had amazing luck with thrift stores and flea markets, but increasingly successful sellers are buying vintage in bulk in order to save themselves the time required to "cherry pick" and in order to acquire the volume that they need to run a business.

From who?
There are several possible vintage sources. We're one.

What we do:
Run factories that process thousands of pounds of used clothing each day. The clothing is then sorted into various grades and vintage is separated for resale.

How do we sell vintage?
We sell by the pound in bundles of 150lbs.

What's in a bale?
We usually provide pictures (stay tuned for our upcoming posts). But we regularly pick out Vintage Denim, Vintage Tees, Military Clothing, Dresses, designers like Christian Dior and more.

If we're buying in bulk, why not buy from estates?
Those selling at estate sales often are not professionals and do not grade their clothing. You may find that the condiiton of vintage purchased at estate sales varies wildly. Also, on a pound per pound basis, the cost of purchasing in bulk is significantly cheaper than purchasing at estate sales.

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  1. the secrets given here are true..if one follows this,then there will be greater sale of wholesale vintage clothes..