Saturday, January 16, 2010

In Our Vintage Bundles This Week: 1940s/WWII Hand Painted USN Deck Jacket

We've had a great week. Painted flight jackets are rare as it is, this is the first painted deck jacket that we've seen. The dates on the jacket and it's USN markings date it to WWII, although we're not sure whether it may have seen action in West Germany or Japan. Check out the detailing:

The sleeve has the name of it's owner (Jack Dielkey), his years of service? (1946-1949) and his "Cloud Luster" squadron's insignia. The back has a hand painted feather (does anyone know what this means?)

The Airforce became a separate entity in 1947 but we're sure that the jacket is an earlier military issue and was not made exclusively for the Airforce. It's possible that either Air Force issue clothing had not been made yet or that Jack Dielkey was issued the jacket in his service during the war and then continued to use it during his subsequent tours. These are the finds that we live for!

As always, here's the label for your viewing pleasure, good luck reading it :)

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  1. The first thing I thought of was Dumbo's magic feather, which he believed gave him the ability to fly. Dumbo came out in 1941 so maybe that's it?

  2. woah amazing! we have a raghouse here in phx but i think they are a bit sketchy.. they will take things from you if you find it in the piles and they charge $600 to go-non refundable.. maybe this is the norm?

  3. It is the norm for raghouses in the US charge minimums and sell "premiums" individually.

    Our location (central america) makes that kind of system an impossibility because there isn't a local market for vintage, nor are there pickers. Hence, we ship to NYC monthly.

    Each system has its costs and benefits.