Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In Our Vintage Bundles This Week: Levi's Big E Jeans

It's a wonder why Levi's LVC reproductions don't quite match up to the real thing. It'd be in their interest to produce vintage quality jeans and save us the trouble of looking for the real thing. Of course, there's always something to be said about the historical value about the jeans that built America.

Interesting fact: Levi's famous riveted design was actually the invention of Jacob Davis. Levi Strauss was his supplier and later became his business partner due to the funds needed to grow his business and patent his riveted design.

Other great items that didn't make this week's short list:
-An 80s Mets Championship Tee
-A 60s Schott Motorcycle Jacket
-True Religion Jeans
-Deadstock Roebucks Jeans
-1940s Naval Pea Coat

As always, here's the label to help you identify one for yourself:

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