Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Great Finds on eBay: (1900-20s) Buckle Back Casual Pants

Every week we comb the internet to find you the best deals in vintage clothing. The eBay seller Brooktrader has a pair of real vintage pants for sale here. The seller dates them to the time of the patent (1894) but I'm more familiar with Solide buckles being used as late as the 1930s. It has design features typical of the day (button fly, buttons for suspenders etc) the buckleback seen in the auction was instrumental in in ensuring a snug fit and remained in use until belts/belt loops were introduced in the 40s.

In older garments where both bucklebacks and beltloops were present, its not uncommon to find that the owner tore out the buckle, perhaps a sign that fashion sensibility also changed with advancement in pant design. Grab these now, there's less than 24hours left.

Edit: It sold for $33

Note: We are in no way affiliated with the above seller. Any description given above is our opinion only and should be interpreted as such.

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