Thursday, October 22, 2009

1970s Adidas Pro-specs 'Super Plantin' WBA/WBC Hi-Top Boxing Shoes

Figuring out the provenance of this item has been an absolute wild goose chase and we still don't know everything.

What we know: They're from the 70s, not American and built to professional specs.

The mystery: The tongue has the word "platin" and it's arabic transliteration. There's no record of this trademark ever having been registered in the USA. Infact, we have no idea what it means outside of America either!
The insoles have been replaced with a spongy-soft insole (probably for the fighter's comfort). There are no country of origin or materials tags.
This is the only pair that I've ever seen bear the World Boxing Authority/World Boxing Council's Seal.

It's interesting to note that a more common pair sold a few months ago for a whopping $300. The guys at Defunk'd have a link to it here.

My best guess is that the shoes were used for a ranked match sometime in the 70s, possibly for the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

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